Hydraulic Shear Calculation

Shears for Cutting Steel

Determine which model shear best suits your needs:

  1. Select Imperial (Inches) or Metric (mm) units.
  2. Enter the maximum wire diameter you wish to be able to shear.
  3. Enter the maximum wire tensile strength (UTS) for the diameter wire selected.

Suggestion: If you have several different wire diameters that have different tensile strengths, you should enter the various combinations to calculate which wire will require the largest size shear so that one shear can cut your full range of wires.

Vale Shear Sizing

Please do not enter numbers using commas. For example, the number 20,000 needs to be entered as 20000.

Imperial Units (Inches, PSI)
Metric Units (Millimeters, kg/mm2)
Diameter of the bar (Inches or Millimeters)
Tensile Strength of bar (PSI or kg/mm2)

Enter Area & Tensile Strength & click Submit to calculate correct shear size.

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Pneumatic cutting tool
Ideal for cutting small diameter wires, hard or soft.


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