Tool Carts for Strip Shears

All Tool Carts are equipped with an extended boom from which the hydraulic shear is suspended. The hydraulic shear is attached to a heavy-duty balancer and the hydraulic power unit rests on the lower platform of the cart. There are six different Tool Carts from which to choose

Model Type Used for Shears Weight
Base Length
Boom Overhang
Maximum Hook Height
Overall Height
VT-D1519 4-WheelSingle Boom Up to V70 / V250 140 1295 724 890 1650 2335
VT-D1520 4-WheelDouble Boom Up to V70 / V250 164 1295 724 890 1650 2335
VT-D1590 4-WheelHeavy Duty Up to V90 / V700 370 1295 724 890 1650 2335
D-1786 3-WheelRough Terrain Single Boom Up to V90 / V700 235 1950 890 1070 1650 2340
D-1794 3-WheelRough Terrain Double Boom Up to V90 / V700 270 1950 890 1070 1650 2340
D-1795 3-WheelRough Terrain Heavy Duty Up to V135 / V900 380 1950 890 1070 1650 2340
Vale 4-wheeled tool cart

Double Boom Tool Carts are used when two tools, either two hydraulic shears or one hydraulic shear and one hydraulic straightener, need to be available at the work station.  In this situation the hydraulic power unit is designed so that both tools can be operated from the single power unit.  The tools can be operated in turn, not simultaneously.

Vale 3-wheeled rough terrain tool cart

Rough Terrain Tool Carts were developed to use on uneven floors, such as metal decked mezzanines, where 4-wheel tool carts are difficult to control and for applications where debris on the floor may be a common condition.



Pneumatic Cutting Tool
Pneumatic cutting tool
Ideal for cutting small diameter wires, hard or soft.


World's Largest Upset Tester
VU5B Upset Tester