Weisser On-line Catalog Information

WEISSER provides an on-line product catalog that is always current. A limited number of hard copy catalogs are available on request from B. W. Darrah, Inc. but the paper version is not always updated immediately when changes are made to the product line.

For pricing details and/or samples please contact B. W. Darrah, Inc. at info@bwdarrah.com and give us the Art. Nr. from the WEISSER catalog.  If you need any help please call our office at 1-630-584-1900.

To access the WEISSER On-line catalog please visit the WEISSER Website at www.weisser.de/en and click on "Product Search"

Main menu bar from Weisser web page

This will pop-up the "Product Search" box where you can provide more detail about what you are searching for in the catalog.

The left side provides drop-down selection boxes where you can narrow down to a specific type of product.  The right side allows you to directly enter the Article Number (part number), the Tool Number (Also knows as the Wz or Mold number) or a Catalog Page.  Searching a catalog page will display a list of all parts that are on that page.

Image of the Product Search box

If you don't know exactly which part you are looking to find, the selection boxes on the left side of the Product Search box can help you narrow down your choices.  The image below shows an example of how this can work.

Image of filled in selection boxes.

The selections we have chosen above, match up to 11 WEISSER parts.  When you select search, you will be presented with a list of those parts.

List of products that match search criteria.

Clicking on the red "Product" number will take you to the detail page for that part.

Detail product page from Weisser catalog.

The menu at the left side of the detailed product page provides further information. 

Pneumatic Cutting Tool
Pneumatic cutting tool
Ideal for cutting your heavy, rectangular copper or aluminum winding materials.


Rale Design Service

New Service:
magnetic components designed without the need to lease the software.